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Travel Guides App

An easy-to-use CMS and user-friendly UI for The Telegraph Travel Guides App

The Telegraph Travel Guides App promises to cut through the white noise to bring only the very best of a destination. Written by resident experts, the free app offers innovative functionality and intuitive advice.  We worked with them to build an easy-to-use CMS and user-friendly user interface (UI) that allows users to create new guides, manage existing ones and publish their content on the app.

The Challenge

The Telegraph editors wanted a modern and simple UI in order to replace their out-dated and time-consuming method of populating content (through Google spreadsheets), alongside improving the stability and delivery of their Travel Guides App.

The Solution

Our first step was to review the existing IA structure, investigate current content types and their dependencies and then build on the new structure of the website.  We then focused on the UI, creating a simple solution to allow editors to easily populate content.

We built a simple CMS and user-friendly UI that allows users (editors) to create new guides, manage existing ones and publish their content on the Travel Guides App. Content for the guides is created by resident expert writers before being reviewed and published to the app by the editors.

In order to achieve the best results, we extensively collaborated with both the editorial and technical teams at The Telegraph.

URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

The Key Benefits

We greatly simplified the UI using Drupal technology without changing the app itself. We built two dashboards allowing users to create and manage a wide range of content. One dashboard allows users to create a new guide from scratch; the second dashboard lists available content such as existing guides, locations, cities, hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, shops and more.

  • New interface allows writers and editors to create, manage and publish content to the travel app more quickly
  • Simplified, new UI created without the need to change existing app
  • Highly collaborative project team between client and C&W team that delivered above expectations