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Heni Publishing

Creating a core platform for developing multiple artist websites.

HENI Publishing specialises in beautifully produced art publications, catalogue raisonnés, artist books and limited editions. They work with leading artists and estates offering services such as (digital) publishing, photography, printmaking, film and art. This includes renowned names such as Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, David Bailey and Gilbert & George. We worked with them to develop a new platform for their larger, more complex artists websites, saving them time, effort and future proofing their digital systems.

The Challenge

Heni Publishing manages over 20 sites and wanted to make a transition for some of the older, less flexible websites to a new modern content management system. Cameron and Wilding architected a 'core platform' to make it quicker and easier for Heni to spin up new artists websites.

This involved retaining but improving the structure from old sites to be used in the new sites with the flexibility to create various layouts of pages, content and menus while having mobile friendly. This also involved migrating thousands of pieces of content from their old system to the new Drupal CMS. Some of the issues they had on their old systems were having severe restrictions in managing content where changes from the backend would not be reflected on the frontend without additional development resources being applied.

Cameron and Wilding also provided development, workflow and project management training to the Heni digital and publishing team consisting of both practical and theoretical.

The Solution

Our solution solved a smooth, user centred publishing workflow for the editorial teams and much needed flexibility for them on page layouts and content creation. Cameron and Wilding trained the Heni publishing team how using the user-friendly UI that now enables them to efficiently manage their new websites.

The Heni publishing team wanted a flexible system that will allow them to create and manage content easily including building different web page layout. Cameron and Wilding created a structure with the paragraphs module (https://www.drupal.org/project/paragraphs) where various types of paragraphs were created as layouts and the user can mix and match them easily to create webpages. This flexibility was useful for the team as previously they had to ask the web developer or site administrator to update content, which was slow and inefficient.

On the technical side, we created a core platform which new sites being developed can use as a foundation to speed up development and add consistency to the website architecture. The core platform contains features such as content types, paragraphs, migration setup, search setup, spam control, image protection, relevant/useful contributed modules, frontend libraries, an admin theme and a custom module covering further common features that can be used on their various artist websites. The team also has the ability to extend or override these features to fit unique specifications for their sites.

Training was provided to the Heni publishing editorial team on how to use the system. We also worked with their technical team and provided training on how to use the core platform in creating new sites in the future.

The Key Benefits

We built a core platform to help the development team in creating new sites with various features and functionality, and provided the flexibility to build webpages with different layouts to suit their needs.

  • Retained the desired structure of old systems with improvements and migrated data into the new system.

  • Easy and flexible to create various webpage layouts while keeping it mobile friendly.

  • Provided the editorial team full autonomy to add, edit and manage their content across a website without the need of a web developer.

  • Improved user journeys by addressing content relation opportunities

  • Empowered the Heni publishing editors via a phased learning to master the Drupal CMS