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The Greater London Authority

Open data, Data visualisation, Security

Greater London Authority is an administrative body for London that deals with transport, policing, economic development, and fire and emergency planning. We undertook an upgrade of the GLA’s intranet from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, so that they can benefit from the usability and security of the latest Drupal 7 release.

The Challenge

The GLA contacted Cameron and Wilding, who they’ve worked with many times before, for a system upgrade. This involved mostly backend development, including content/users import and porting the GLA theme. Their old system was not the latest version of Drupal, meaning they were losing out on the latest functionality and security.

The Solution

We recreated their existing Drupal 6 site with a more stable version of Drupal 7. The work we carried out was content type creation, import of content and users, configuration of modules, porting the GLA theme, upgrading custom modules and LDAP integration for single sign on.

The testing and deployment was planned carefully as it was not possible to pause the use of this critical tool for the 1200 internal users of the system. This involved working closely with the project team and internal technical teams to ensure a smooth and unnoticed deployment of the redeveloped intranet.

The Key Benefits

GLA now has an up-to-date site that offers them the usability they need. It will offer them the latest Drupal functionality and all the available support, plus a longer life cycle for the tool going forward.

  • Improved usability
  • Extended lifetime of the intranet
  • No interruption for their 1200 users during deployment