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ESI Media: Indy100

Drupal re-platforming project applying Agile methodology

ESI Media is an innovative multi channel media business, with a cross-platform reach of 23.1m consumers. Their brands include the London Evening Standard, The Independent and London Live.

They required assistance in re-platforming their Indy100 site in Drupal, applying agile project management methodology and providing QA testing through the project lifecycle.

The Challenge

Cameron and Wilding were asked to work with ESI Media and their established developer partner to make the project more predictable, delivered on time, and have the final product thoroughly tested. In the past, the client had not utilised agile methodology properly, and our aim was to ensure the smooth real-time transition of the project as well as coach the team members to grow in confidence within their roles and responsibilities.

The Solution

We initially involved all team members and stakeholders in gathering project goals and requirements. We facilitated a ten day discovery phase, during which the project was scoped and key deliverables were identified.

The detailed discovery phase highlighted that the full project scope could not be delivered within the stipulated deadline. Deliverables were clearly defined and prioritised so that lower priority items could be relegated to a second phase of development.

Team members and key stakeholders were involved in the iterative planning process and we collectively agreed on the scope for both phases. 

We introduced regular scrum meetings such as daily stand ups, backlog grooming sessions, sprint demos, retrospectives and sprint planning. Project objectives were revisited on a regular basis. We worked together to incorporate change requests into the backlog and handle them in an agile way.

A test plan outlined the testing requirements regarding browsers and devices. Parallel to this, we built up manual QA and regression testing logs and executed the tests as an integrated part of the development process.

The Key Benefits

The project was closed with a debrief where we discussed the benefits of applying the Agile methodology for project delivery, and also the benefits of having our QA testing process introduced.

The project team identified the following benefits of the process:

  • Kept the project on schedule, delivered requirements to budget by applying Agile methodology

  • Encouraged better collaboration between the developers and ESI Media team

  • Facilitated the scrum process by providing guidance to self-organising teams

  • Planned and kept the project on schedule, delivered requirements to budget, produced and distributed status reports

  • Regular and thorough functional, cross-browser, device and regression testing identified and fixed in a timely manner.