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The Economist Espresso App

Building a global publishing system


The Economist has been publishing its weekly magazine for over 170 years and wanted to create its first daily edition. We helped them build a publishing system to enable a global editorial team to create three issues per day. A content feed supplies the content to the app.

The Challenge

The Economist's aim was to create something different, an antidote to information overload, so they came up with Espresso. It provides readers with a morning shot of news from across the world, filtered to give only the essential information. 

Designed to publish five news stories every weekday morning across the Americas, Europe and Asia; a simple to use content management system was required, accessible by editors around the world. This would allow editors to quickly and safely publish news stories to the regions as desired. 

The Solution

We worked collaboratively with The Economist editorial team to iteratively define and build the content creation workflow. This includes automatic issue creation, content approval and the look and feel of user interfaces. 

Once an article is created, it can be attached to any of the three daily issues, keeping the content process fast and simple. Fixed forwarding was a must to eliminate any room for error, allowing the editors to focus on content. We also included the functionality to exclude weekends and holidays. 

The dashboard contains everything needed for the editorial team to quickly and effectively create and publish issues: visual indicators of approval status, per region countdown timer and quick links to edit each article.

URL: http://www.economist.com/digital

The Economist

Tom Standage, Deputy Editor

"Cameron & Wilding were very focused, really refreshing and responsive. We understood each other very well - C&W quickly grasped what we wanted and what we needed. We designed the app and its look and feel were delivered without compromising. C&W understand us and the brand well and built up good relationships with key stakeholders."

The Key Benefits

There were over 340,000 app downloads in the first month since launch. Through excellent communication between all involved, we achieved our deadline. The technical development started in July 2014, reached an MVP product in early September and we launched the product in November. 

  • A content management system that allows editors to quickly and accurately create articles and issues for three global regions
  • A robust, scalable publishing platform which seamlessly serves up fresh content to more than 250,000 readers and rising, three times a day
  • A highly collaborative and iterative product development process with the editorial team at its heart, leading to a brilliant product with very little wasted time and effort