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Corwin websites

Redesign, systems integration, migration and search

We redeveloped SAGE Publication's Corwin e-commerce site using Drupal. We implemented a new design and customised the SAGE corporate architecture, code and functionality.

In just a few months, we provided Corwin with a highly functional and re-designed website that meets the brand and business goals: New fresh designs, better user experience, improved promotion of services and easier management of content by editors and administrators.

The Challenge

The Corwin site offers text books for sale across the US, UK, Australia and India. Each regional site required different content, variations in language and region specific settings.

Product information, customer data and tax calculation were just a few of the things that varied from region to region and which were supplied by third party systems outside the Drupal CMS.

Sage required the tools and team to allow improvements to the sites to be delivered incrementally, quickly adding value with each new code release to the regional sites.

The Solution

The Drupal CMS consumes data through various RESTful APIs to allow user authentication, e-commerce transactions via different payment gateways, tax calculation and fulfilment. This means that no editorial work is done in Drupal itself - the CMS acts purely as a collation tool for data from various sources. Regional specific data is served to each regional site, ensuring all visitors see content relevant to them.

Our agile methodology and workflow enabled transparent communications and allowed for flexibility during the life-cycle of the projects, providing Sage with tools and teams to adapt to change quickly and adding value with each release up until the launch of both Corwin America and Corwin Australia websites.

URL: https://us.corwin.com/en-us/nam (please note that you need to select either United States or Australia in order to view the Corwin website)

The Key Benefits

The new website presents Corwin’s brand online with greater clarity and appeal. It allows the business to drive adoption leads with improved data capture and usability. There are new discipline pages to group products and resources with clearer navigation. Dedicated product pages highlight the growing range of library products.

  • Responsive, modern design that works well on all devices
  • Clear and simple navigation allowing customers to find products easily
  • Allows the business to update content quickly and easily without web team intervention
  • Open source technology that is cheaper to develop and support
  • The underlying flexible architecture integrates with existing web services for fulfilment, product data and user authentication, accommodating new systems as they are adopted
  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing opportunities