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9 February 2017
Digital Surgery hours

On the last Wednesday of each month, we will be running a 1.5-hr Digital Surgery, where organisations will be able to drop into our office to talk about digital strategy and solutions.

As well as free coffee, our "doctors" can help you define your organisation's digital strategy: from Agile project management to Atlassian toolkits, from Drupal 6 migrations to Drupal 8 web builds, from API to CRM integrations, and everything in between. 

The next C&W Digital  Surgery is on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 from 8AM to 9:30AM . Our offices are just round the corner from Elephant & Castle tube station.

Contact us at to sign up and we’ll write back to you a confirmation and a few extra details on how to find us.


How and when is the right time to go Agile?

Are you seeking help writing or refining your requirements?

What is the best technology to build my product?

What’s your advice on building the right Agile team?  

How do I migrate from Drupal 6/7 to 8? What do I need?

What are the pros and cons of replacing my current tools with Atlassian products?

Upcoming CW Digital Surgery hours

22nd February 2017 from 8AM to 9:30AM - Doctors on call: Laura, Senior PM & Scrum Master, and Ben, MD.

22nd March 2017 

26th April 2017 

24th May 2017