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9 March 2017
Bamboo by Atlassian for your Continuous Integration needs

Bamboo is one of several software products produced by Atlassian. It is a Continuous Integration, deployment, and delivery tool. This blog post is a quick overview of some of the products features and benefits.

For an agile project, Bamboo includes a comprehensive set of tools that help with software development. It works with any software language, and other popular technologies like AWS CodeDeploy, Docker, and Amazon S3. Some of these features include the following:


  • Bamboo is a build and Continuous Integration (CI) Server. This allows you to create a build plan with a trigger that fires when a code commit is made.


  • Testing a build is a key part in the CI process. Automated tests can be configured to execute automatically once a build is complete.


  • Bamboo is able to deploy a successful build to a specified environment automatically as part of it Continuous Delivery (CD) capabilities. It uses Deployment Projects which contains the details of the deployment - past releases and results, and environment details.

Dedicated Agents

  • These allow you to perform hot fixes and critical builds without having to wait - when an agent is assigned to a hotfix, no other activity is able to use it, meaning there is no waiting in any sort of queue before the hotfix is applied.

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  • Being part of the Atlassian tool set, Bamboo integrates with JIRA Software, Bitbucket, Fisheye and HipChat. It also integrates with The Atlassian Marketplace where you can download both free and paid add-ons to extend your Bamboo experience.


  • Prior to deploying a release, Bamboo can display all of the code changes and JIRA tickets that have been developed since the previous deployment. This allows the team to get a clear view of what will be included in a subsequent deployment.

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Bamboo is a large system with a plethora of features. There are some great features highlighted above, but there are plenty more. For example:

  • Branch detection - new branches in GIT, SVN, and Mercurial are automatically detected, and acquire the CI scheme automatically.

  • Permissions - each environment can have their own permissions, allowing Devs, QA, and others to deploy to their own environments while preventing deployments to production.

  • Branch Status dashboard - provides developers with an easy way to view, search, and manage plans in a single dashboard.

  • The list goes on and on.

Bamboo provides a straightforward way to track deployment configuration and get all branch-related information in one place, allowing devs to focus more time on writing code and less on managing deployments.

Brendan MacDonald
Brendan MacDonald
Software Tester
Brendan's background is in Software Testing having spent the past 12 years working in this field. He has spent the last few years specialising in Test Automation using tools such as UFT/QTP, Robot Framework, and Behat to test web and mobile sites for clients such as Cancer Research UK, Freshfields, Entrago, and many others.