Digital Publishing

Digital Publishers v Big Technology Platforms

On the 24th November 2016

Cameron & Wilding
and Kemp Little hosted a Digital Publishing Breakfast Roundtable. The hot topic? The current relationship between digital publishers and the big technology platforms. Input came from several senior industry professionals from publishing organisations and the discussion covered platforms being used, issues surrounding audience engagement, branding, monetisation strategies and the future of the publishing industry.  

Selenium Conf

Selenium Conference UK 2016

Last month I attended the

Selenium Conference in London
. Tucked away on Puddle Dock just north of the River Thames was two days of presentations by Selenium and Automation testing experts from around the world. This was my first Selenium conference, and in fact my first conference where the bulk of the presentations were all to do with Quality Assurance of one form or another. There were around 30 presentations over the two days and this blog post is about a few of my favourite talks.